sábado, 29 de março de 2008

Walter Savage Landor

Shepherd and Nymph

from Gebir

'Twas evening, though not sun-set and spring-tide
Level with these green meadows, seem'd still higher;
'Twas pleasant: and I loosen'd from my neck
The pipe you gave, and began to play.
O that I ne'er learnt the tuneful art!
It aways bring us enemies or love!
Well, I was playing - when above the waves
Some swimmer's head methought I saw ascend;
I, sitting still, survey'd it, with my pipe
Awkwardly held before my lips half-clos'd.
Gebir! It was a nymph! a nymph divine!
I cannot wait describing how she came,
How I was sitting, how she first assum'd
The sailor: of what happened, there remains
Enough to say, and too much to forget.